Rippin Lip Testimonials

I am writing to you to highly recommend Mike Guidry’s Rippin Lip Guide Service.

My son and I fished with Mike and his son in the marshes around Leeville in southeast Louisiana.  We got out on the water early before it got too hot Mike had us moving around a bit searching for the fish, checking locations and patterns. After a bit of moving we did hit the redfish and the drum.  Mike really knows how to put you on the fish.

What really impressed me was how Mike was able to read the water and conditions, and then adjust our tactics and location to find the fish.  He had really good suggestions for lure types and retrieve methods, helping my son and I improve our techniques. He also knows this marsh like the back of his hand, which translates into getting to the fish quickly and efficiently.

Besides catching some beautiful fish, we also enjoyed the conversation and good nature that Mike shows Always a gentleman; Mike has an easy manner and helpful attitude.  Beginning fisherman like my son and I really appreciate the tips and techniques that Mike passed on.

Would we fish with Mike again? In a heartbeat! I think anybody who likes to catch fish and learn how to do it better would enjoy a trip with Mike.

Tom Judd

The trip I had with Rippin Lip Guide Service was awesome. Captain Mike made my experience one that I will never forget. Not only we caught fish but had a real
good time doing it.

Thanks again Captain Mike for a relaxing day of catching some turbo sized trout.

Reggie Pitre
Chief of Police
Golden Meadow Police Dept.